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Shirley Franzen

Shirley Franzen made this beautiful batik rail fence (of sorts) quilt for her retiring pastor.

Quilted with an overall feather.

Book Thoughts:  

Quite a few years ago I started reading the first couple books by Anne Rice in her Interview With A Vampire series.  As much as I liked the books they were very long and I definitely did not get through all 11 books!  But last week I was perusing the available titles in my online library book selection and came across a book with a wolf on the front cover titled The Wolf Gift, and SURPRISE the author was Anne Rice - well, who doesn’t love a good werewolf book - and who knew Rice was writing about them?!  Loved the book and have reserved the second book in the series, The Wolves of Midwinter.

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Chris O’Brien’s Winter Bird

Sweet winter bird - this was the second one I quilted for Chris O’Brien.  

I quilted this one with a straight meander in the background, an echoed feather in the bird and small circles in the ornaments.

Book Thoughts:  Another book I just finished was The First Phone Call From Heaven by Mitch Albom.  I liked this book - but I liked The Five People You Meet In Heaven better by the same author.  I liked that the author narrated it.  There was a good storyline and a little bit of a twist - enough to keep me interested, and it was a pretty short book!  Good if you need a quick little read. 

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Regina Pary’s Carpenter’s Star


Regina Parys has done it again!  Another beautiful Carpenter’s star made from luscious batiks!

imageCustom quilted with spirals,serpentine lines, a feather fill.  I divided the border into 60° triangles and filled every other one with swirls and straight lines (which I did not get a picture of.)

Book Thoughts: I started a new mystery series by MC Beaton featuring Hamish MacBeth a small town policeman in the Scottish Highlands.  First - I love the narrator of the audio books - he has a great Scottish accent.  The books are well written and relatively short (about 5 hours), and Hamish is an adorable character.  The first book, Death of a Gossip, was published in 1985, and the 30th book in the series was published this year, 2014!  So, for now - this is what I am listening to! 

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